Check Marks or Tick Marks in WhatsApp Messages Deactivate WhatsApp Account – Tips for WhatsApp and How to use WhatsApp WhatsApp does not provide any feature to directly deactivate WhatsApp account.Deactivating WhatsApp Account means just temporarily disabling your WhatsApp account and not deleting it completely.Unlike Facebook and other Social media, you cannot deactivate WhatsApp account directly.Deactivation of WhatsApp account can be done only when you deactivate your SIM or disable phone service.A deactivated WhatsApp account can be re-activated anytime later.What happens to my WhatsApp account if my mobile is lost?  (or)  How to deactivate my WhatsApp account?If your mobile is lost unfortunately, you have to deactivate your SIM by calling your Service provider.By doing so, you are not just blocking your mobile number but also you are deactivating WhatsApp account.

Deactivating WhatsApp account does not mean that you deleted your account permanently.It is just temporary disabling of your WhatsApp account and your account name will still be available for contacts on your phone.

How can I re-activate my WhatsApp account?When you enable your mobile service or re-activate your SIM or activate a new SIM with your old number, your WhatsApp account will be automatically re-activated.You will be able to access your WhatsApp account with all your WhatsApp groups and contacts intactWill I receive all the messages sent during my deactivation period after re-activating my WhatsApp account?

When you deactivate WhatsApp account, the messages sent to you will be stored in the WhatsApp server and will be in pending state.When you re-activate your WhatsApp account within 30 days, all your messages from the server will be delivered to you.If you re-activate it after 30 days, all the messages will be deleted completely.

Will I be deleted from all the WhatsApp groups and contacts if I deactivate WhatsApp account?Nope, you will definitely not be deleted from any of your WhatsApp groups and contacts if you deactivate WhatsApp account.But in all your WhatsApp groups you will receive a message that you have joined those groups on the date of re-activating your account.

No notification of your deactivation and re-activation of WhatsApp account will be sent to other participants of your groups and contacts.All your contacts will still see your WhatsApp account name in their phone.Your WhatsApp account is temporarily disabled and can be enabled at any time later.How can I recover my WhatsApp account if the SIM card is deactivated?   (or)  How can I avoid WhatsApp messages delivered to my lost phone?When you deactivate your SIM card after losing your phone, your WhatsApp account can be recovered by getting a new SIM card with your old number.

Your WhatsApp account will be re-activated and you can access your account with your new SIM having old number.This is because WhatsApp account can be verified by only one phone number.All the messages sent from your contacts and groups will be received in your new phone with old number and not to the phone which you have lost.

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