Free YouTube Promotions  YouTube Tips Increase views and subscribers.A new project Im starting on the YouTube Tips site will be offering  free YouTube promotion for new YouTubes who  have good quality uploads and just getting started. Why? I get tired of seeing the same youtubes day in and day out. I like to see something new. Its difficult to stand out in the crowded search results on YouTube and Id like to help. It will be a cross-promotion relationship I think will work out well for everyone involved. The YouTuber will get subscribers and views on their channel and I will get content and traffic to the YouTuber Tips site.

I am not promising my site will bring you lots of new subs or views. The YouTubers Tips site is new and just getting started. What I can promise is that I will do the very best I can do to help and provide viewers one more road that leads to your YouTube videos as well as other services such as pirvate servers for those wishing to record game content without the distractions.

YouTuber Tips Free YouTube PromotionsLet me explain what this is.Im looking for people who are new to YouTube and are still trying to get established. If you have 1000 subscribers or less and  upload quality content or have that special something but you havent gotten the attention you deserve, you are exactly who I am looking for.

I will ask you to link to YouTuber Tips in your videos and maybe mention the site in the video. Also, about 4 times a month (or as much as you have time for) you will make a post for the site containing one of your videos, at least 300 words corresponding to your video and links to your social media pages, websites or other contact information on the site as well. I will also create a personalized page on my site with your logo, videos, articles as well as other personalization you might want. As I promote my site, the YouTubbers will be promoted as well. In addition, I will support them by sharing their videos on the YouTuber Tips social sites and mailing lists.I plan to have periodic contests where participants will have to watch the videos, like them on Facebook and/or follow them on Twitter to win prizes.

A YouTube support forum is in the works as well that will contain discussions, resources, links and information in support of those trying to get ahead in the YouTube world.This Is Really Free!This will be all free but I plan to limit the number of YouTubbers I support to 5 to begin with (the forums will be open to all and you can post with approval).

I want to be able to do a quality job and give them as much of my time as necessary. This number may increase in the future. I can do free YouTube promotions because I will get content for the site and links from YouTube. Everyone benefits and makes it worth the while to invest my time. No gimics. No tricks.If you are interested in promoting your channel, contact me. There are 2 spots left as of 4/26/15.BarbieFaceKillah is our first YouTubber to sign up and shes made her first post. Her Contributors Page is up as well.UPDATE: I decreased the number of YouTubbers from 10 to 5.

I have 3 so far and its time consuming. Still, more may be added later if I can find someone willing to do promotions. If you are interested in promoting, contact me.PeterGHi. Im PeterG and I am the owner or YouTuber Tips. I hope this site will be used as a resource for those just getting their YouTube channels started and a place for those who have been through the hoops to share their knowledge. YouTubers supporting YouTubers.

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