Last Seen status in WhatsApp Last Seen is a feature in WhatsApp which allows you to know when your friends, relatives or family members last visited WhatsApp.Last Seen time stamp indicates the time at which the person launched WhatsApp with internet connection turned ON.Last Seen status does not mean that the person has read all the messages at the time he/she visited WhatsApp.WhatsApp server will update the Last Seen only when you launch WhatsApp in online.Can I see others Last Seen time stamp if I disable mine?No, if you disable your Last Seen time stamp you cannot see others Last Seen as well.

So this is a disadvantage because you would not know when others have logged in WhatsApp.How to disable Last Seen At in my profile?Follow the steps to disable Last Seen At in your WhatsApp profile:For iPhone Users:       Switch ON mobile data or Wi-Fi in your mobile.Click on WhatsApp messenger.Click Settings -> Account -> Privacy.You will see Last Seen tab. Click on and set the visibility to others.Everyone  : Your Last Seen will be visible to all.

My Contacts     : Visible only to the contacts in your address book.Nobody  : Visible only to you.For Android Users:Switch ON mobile data or Wi-Fi in your mobile. Go to WhatsApp messenger.Click on the option icon (3 dots) in top right corner.Then click Settings -> Account -> PrivacyYou will see Last Seen tab. Click on and set the visibility to others.If a persons Last Seen status is not updated for long, does that mean I have been blocked by that person?Nope, once you are blocked you cannot see others Last Seen status. The reasons for Last Seen time stamp not getting updated might be:Phone might be switched off.Internet connection issue.Did not turn WhatsApp ON since then.Can I send messages in WhatsApp when Im offline?


Can I send messages in WhatsApp without changing or updating the Last Seen At time stamp? For iPhone users:In iPhone, the IOS does not allow any Third Party App to run in the background. But it may be able to do for a short period as the App might require additional 10 to 20 seconds to complete a task, after that they are forced to suspended state.

So messages cannot be sent in offline as send button is disabled for iPhone users.For Android users:In Android, you can send messages in offline or without changing or updating your Last Seen At time stamp.Turn OFF your mobile data or Wi-Fi in your phone.Type message and click send button.Your message will be seen with a clock icon which means your message is not left your phone.

Then you close WhatsApp application.Later when you turn on mobile data or Wi-Fi, your message will be sent without launching WhatsApp.WhatsApp will not update your Last Seen At time stamp as you did not launch WhatsApp in online.

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