Tips for WhatsApp and How to use WhatsApp Using Native Language in WhatsAppCurrently, there are more than 1 billion users of WhatsApp application. It is one the most widely used application for instant messaging.When users try to interact with their friends and family members, they would prefer to type in their native language like Indian languages (Hindi, Telugu) and foreign languages (Chinese, Japanese)Most of the smart phones provide native language keyboard. You can choose the favorite language you want in your phone settings.

While typing, you just need to switch between the languages.It is extremely difficult to type in mobile phone even if you are an expert in your native language.This difficulty in typing can be made easier by an alternative solution, which is nothing but an application that requires only English typing skill.By using this application, users can use native language in WhatsApp.The best feature of this application is Transliteration. This feature allows the user to type in English language rather than typing in their native language.The user will use English language pronunciation of the native language while typing. Transliteration will instantly convert the word written in English pronunciation into the native language.While typing, you do not need to provide the exact spelling for the native language word. You will be provided with many suggestions for picking the word.

How to type in native language on Android phones?Follow the steps to use native language in Android phone:Go to Google Play Store and download Google Indic Keyboard.Go to Phone Settings -> Language & input.Under Key board and Input methods check Google Indic Keyboard.How to type in native language on iPhones?Follow the steps to use native language in Android phone:Go to App Store and download KeyNounce Application for the language you prefer say Hindi, Japanese etc.The requirement to download this Application is IOS Version 8.0 and above.After downloading, go to iPhone Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards ->Add New Keyboard.Then select KeyNounce language (language you installed).Click the KeyNounce and Turn On Allow Full Access.Now launch WhatsApp application. Go to any Chat. The default language will be English when you open the Application for the first time.Click the globe icon at the bottom to switch to the language you prefer.

KeyNounce uses a mode called Transliteration, which instantly converts the typed words pronounced in English into your native language. There will be suggestions given for choosing the words while typing.How to type in native language on PC/Laptop?Google Input Tool is an editor which is available to type fast in native languages.While downloading this editor, choose your favorite language and agree the terms and conditions.

When you use WhatsApp on web, this tool will help you to type fast by providing the mode of feature called Transliteration.By using this feature, users can use native language in WhatsApp.

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