Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

About a third of all sales made on the  Internet are a direct result of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is also the driving force behind most of the free content which makes the Internet such a great source of information. How does it work? When you enter a search term in a search engine you are given a list of sites to visit which contain information on what you are looking for. Many times this information is either on a Merchants site or an affiliate site. If you find the information you are looking for on an affiliate site, click over to a merchants site and make a purchase the affiliate marketer who created that site earns a commision. Sound familiar? It should! You probably have made many purchases on the Internet in this way without even being aware of the process! Many affiliate marketers are private individuals like

Ashwani Gill

who work from home and know how to build “search engine friendly” web sites which drive traffic to their affiliate merchant sites.Creating A Basic Affiliate Marketing Web SiteHere is a simple example of creating an affiliate marketing web site. Let’s say you’re a cat lover. Your neighbors frequently come to you for advice on their pets. You decide to put some of your favorite things about about cats into a website. You use a simple free tool such as Good Keywords and discover that some of the most popular search engine terms (keywords) people are using to find information on their pets are cat heath, cat food, cat breeds and cat toy.

You decided to concentrate your site around these subjects.You  then  sprinkle your site with affiliate links to products related to these  topics. Guess what? You’ve just created a basic affiliate  marketing website! When visitors who are interested in the information  you have on your site click on one of your affiliate links and make a purchase you earn a commission! The beauty of affiliate marketing is all the order fulfillment, packing, shipping and customer service is handled by your merchants! With affiliate marketing you can make money without even having a product of your own!Affiliate Link – A few lines of HTML code provided by your Merchants affiliate site. When you copy and paste it into a web page it creates a link to your Merchant’s web site.

It contains code which identifies you so you can get credit for any sales generated!Promoting Your Affiliate Marketing WebsiteBesides containing links to merchants who will pay you for business you send them your affiliate marketing website  must do other two things well in order to be successful:Appeal to Internet surfers who are searching for your products.Appeal to the search engine “spiders” which gather information which determines where your site will rank in the search engines. Spiders are small programs which crawl through the Internet, gather information and return their findings to their respective search engines. Surfer AppealTo appeal to surfers your site must must contain content related to what they are searching for. It must also be easy to use and understand.

By using multiple occurrences of the same keyword phrases they enter into the search engines you are letting surfers know your page contains information that interests them. Once you have a functional, keyword-rich web site created you will want to use any of a wide variety of Web site promotion techniques to make your site more interesting and visible to surfers who are looking for what you have to offer. Spidey SenseTo make your affiliate marketing web site appealing to search engine spiders you need to leave tasty “spider food” for them. This means using keywords and keyword phrases that are “relevant” to the topics surfers are searching for information on. Your sites relevancy is determined by special algorithms which measures the frequency and placement of keywords on your pages and other important factors such aslink popularity. This results in a score or “ranking” which is compared to similar websites.

Your site is then placed accordingly.Two Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Marketing Site – Free SEO Traffic And Pay-Per-Click Traffic.Getting free traffic for your affiliate marketing web site is done by using search engine optimization or “SEO” techniques to create search engine friendly or “optimized” web pages. To increase your rankings you can use search engine optimization software to compare your site to your competitors sites and then use this information to take the appropriate measures to out do your competition.The other way affiliate marketers use to drive traffic to their sites is by using pay-per-click traffic. This involves bidding against your competitors for keywords on search engine sites like Google. Keyword selection is crucial here.

If you use the same keywords as everyone else you may be forced to bid against competitors with deep-pockets. Instead try using a program like Adwords Analyzer to find small “niche” words which your competitors aren’t using but searchers are still looking for.A good affiliate marketing strategy is to combine these two search engine strategies together by using pay-per-click traffic to “force feed” traffic through your sites when they are new in order to test visitors reactions to them and then using mostly free search engine traffic once you have your site functioning at its best.

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